Why System Trading?

Trading decisions taken by fundamental data and news are not free of human emotions. Therefore it is hardly possible to measure historical results in a neutral way. The only reality at the markets is the development of quotes. System trading means disciplinated alignment of technical trading parameters allowing the investor to participate in both market directions. It is statistically proven that such strategies can improve the overall performance dramatically while simultaneousely reducing the risk.

Where are my funds deposited?

TrendCycles' clients maintain an individual-, joint- or corporate account in their own name with a reknown bank / broker.

Who can access my account?

Only the account owner(s) can withdraw funds.

How can I follow up the development of my investment accounts?

You will receive a real time access to your accounts as well as daily e-mail statements.

Is TrendCycles pooling client funds?

Explicitally not! Each client maintains segregated accounts. A TrendCycles Managed Account is not a fund.

What are the specific risks of TrendCycles' trading system?

TrendCycles trades its own trading system, which is a market price based, trend following system. If a market tends sideways during several month, it might produce a series of loss signals. Therefore TrendCycles trades different markets simultaneously. The contract size chosen in each market is in a strict relation to the overall investment capital. By entering any new signal, the maximum stop risk limits a possible draw down to 2.5 % - 3 % of the equity.
TrendCycles recommends an investment horizon of minimum 3 - 5 years in order to smooth the results.

Can I add funds to my existing account?

Yes, you can do so at any time.

Can I keep my account but revoke the trading authorization of TrendCycles?

Yes, you can. Please inform us as well as the account carrying broker in written form.

Can I withdraw money or close my account at any time?

Yes, you can do so.

If you would like to withdraw money from your account, kindly advice us one day in advance. So we can verify the risk setup of your current open positions in relation to the new balance of your account and rectify them, if necessary.

If you would like to close your account, kindly advice us. So we will close all open positions as soon as possible and we will settle an eventual performance fee, as well as the management fee.

Is historical performance indicative for future results?

Past performance is not necessarily indicative for future results. A long-term analysis of system trading performance is helpful for a better understanding of standard deviations of the average performance.

What is the minimum account size?

We are able to professionally manage accounts starting from USD 40'000.- or equivalent in EUR / CHF. 

Can I buy the data points of the TrendCycles trading system and trade myself?

No, you can not. We offer various possibilities for institutional clients and introducing brokers to join our program. Please do not hesitate to contact us.